About the Colony

The Colony is a collective of collaborators originating content across continents

As documentarians we immerse
As innovators we engineer
As storytellers we share
We give a shit, we care

We have visions, we plan, we'll abandon those plans in favor of better ones

We refuse to be derivative
We want to hear your ideas, and co-create
We'll fly our flag out there alongside all you freaks
Because we're all in this together

The Colony is a New York based production company and content innovator.
Our eclectic roster of directors creates authentic content and experiences for brands, channels and charities.

The Colony develops and produces entertainment and content for film, television and the world wide web. We create and design live action and immersive game VR. We provide end to end visual effects, animation and post production services via our subsidiary company Afterparty.
Please also join us there: www.afterpartyvfx.com

The Colony's ringleaders are award winning advertising pioneer David Gaddie and verite storytelling expert Dominic Musacchio. Between them they have over 30 years advertising, film and non-fiction television experience.